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How long does it take to learn Spanish?

calendarioThe Council of Europe has established  six levels of language teaching and learning in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Those levels are:

  • A1 - Breakthrough
  • A2 - Waystage
  • B1 - Threshold
  • B2 - Vantage
  • C1- Effective operational proficiency
  • C2 – Mastery

Levels A1 and A2 correspond to what is known as the “basic user” of the language. Levels B1 and B2 , to the “independent user” and levels C1 and C2, to the “ competent user".

From 70 to 90 hours of teaching- learning are needed to cover each level. Therefore, if you attend one of the regular courses ( three hours a week from September to June), you will go through one level each school year. There is also the possibility of more intensive learning.