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School Library

Library-11Aula School' s library offers students the possibility to practice and improve their Spanish outside the classroom. Students can borrow graded readers, novels, comics, non- fiction books (divulgative readings on science, gardening, cooking, etc.), magazines as well as DVDs with a selection of films from Spanish and South American film directors.  

Are you already a fan of some of our most international film directors such as Almodóvar or Amenabar? Whether you already know them or have not had the chance to see any of their films yet, you will find a wide selection of their filmography in our library.

What about Spanish and Latin American literature? You could start with  García Marquez' s or Manuel Rivas's short stories and move on to enjoy their novels in  the language they were wriiten in.

Through the cinema and literature of a country, one gets to know the history, idiosyncracies and  humor of its people, which is very important to  achieve a real command of the language. You can learn a lot about the Hispanic culture from TV series, comic books, magazines, fiction books, documentaries or films and we make them available for you at Aula School.