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Blended learning

Although we offer the traditional face-to-face courses to young learner groups, most of our courses are blended learning courses. Such courses combine face-to-face lessons with on-line lessons. The advantages of blended learning courses are many. On the one hand, you can take advantage of the huge potential the Internet has as a learning media and of the vast array of interactive materials that enhance and stimulate learning. Moreover, you can study when and where you want without restriction, all you need being a multimedia PC and Internet access, without missing out on the weekly face-to-face contact with your teacher and other fellow students.

Registered students can find their blended learning courses here.


Online learning

However, for those students who prefer a completely on-line course, Aula offers on-line courses of all levels (from pre-elementary to advanced). You will learn Spanish at your own pace from your PC, but having an Aula teacher working with you throughout your course. See all details for online courses here.